Under attack? Niger faced with religous extremism and terrorism


On 23 May 2013, Niger suffered a double terrorist attack against a military camp in Agadez and a site of the French nuclear group Areva in Arlit. A week later, on 31 May, an attack that Nigerian authorities attributed to terrorists was perpetrated against the civilian prison in the capital, Niamey. The first of their kind in the country, these attacks confirm fears in the region about the transnational nature of religious extremism and terrorism, which – in the case of Niger – were previously restricted to abductions of Westerners. The measures taken by the national authorities have so far enabled the country to cope with the threats and ensure stability. But as the phenomenon develops in the Sahel-Saharan region, the Niger government should strengthen the security, legal and socio-economic aspects of its strategy.

Authors: Dr David Zounmenou, ISS Pretoria, Paulin Maurice Toupane and Kilo Lidawo, ISS Dakar

This publication was featured on the International Relations and Security Network website in May 2014

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