Spotlight: SADC strengthens
strategy to silence the guns

Southern Africa’s revised
firearms protocol is an important step
towards ending conflict and violence.

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ISS Today: DRC’s shady
political alliance unravels

Tshisekedi is struggling to escape
the shackles of a deal gone bad
with the DRC’s former president.

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Seminar: Does Silencing the Guns
have a future beyond 2020?

Given Africa’s many current conflicts, what
can be expected from the upcoming
special heads of state summit?

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Seminar: Untangling security
sector reform

How can the many actors involved
be better organised to avoid
duplication and competition?

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Seminar: Africa’s prosperity is
tied to its oceans and seas

In the wake of COVID-19, ratifying the
Lomé Charter is key to boosting Africa’s
economic prospects and maritime security.

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Seminar: Land and reparative
justice in South Sudan

Should land grabbing be viewed
as a human rights violation
worthy of reparations?

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Seminar: Resilience and dialogue -
preventing terrorism in Uganda and Kenya

New research shows how communities
can resist the advances of
violent extremist groups.

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Seminar: Options for dialogue and
communication in the Lake Chad basin

New research provides insights
into community views about
preventing violent extremism.

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Seminar: Exploring Tunisia’s
development potential

This seminar discusses results of two
research projects on Tunisia’s future
development and trade prospects.

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