Africa’s prosperity depends
on clean and competitive elections

New research shows that
nominal democracy does not
deliver development or economic growth.

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Spotlight: Partnering
to bridge foreign policy gaps

The ISS is working with the
United States Institute of Peace to shape
better foreign and domestic policy in Africa.

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ISS Today: More power to the
president in Côte d’Ivoire?

The latest constitutional reform process
has squandered a key opportunity
to boost national reconciliation.

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Weekly briefing:
Mali’s young ‘jihadists’

New research shows why young
people join ‘jihadist’ groups.

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Is Kenya ready?
Elections 2017

With slightly over a year to
the next general elections,
is Kenya on the right track?

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Is democracy bringing
prosperity to Africa?

Long-term data analysis shows
that fair and competitive elections
are key to Africa’s growth and development.

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State fragility in southern Africa:
Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

This seminar discusses new
Chatham House research on the regional
impact of political trends in these three countries.

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The future of
democracy in Africa

How do different levels of
democracy affect Africa’s future
economic and human development?

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The future of democracy
in Africa

To achieve growth and development,
Africa needs democracies with
clean, competitive elections.

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View on Africa:
maritime goals after Lome?

Will a new charter help the
continent steer its blue economy?

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