ISS Today: Do the police
make South Africa safe?

Why we don’t know the answer
and how the police and research
community can change that.

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Seminar: How to strengthen research
on violence in South Africa

New analysis shows gaps and opportunities
in the study of projects to prevent violence
against women and children.

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Seminar: Crime trends in
the time of COVID-19

What do the latest crime
statistics reveal about the effect
of lockdown on South Africans?

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Seminar: Tackling complexities of child
trafficking in Central and West Africa

Lessons and findings from research
and operations shed light on ways
to improve the safety of children.

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Publication: Waking the
sleeping giant

Specific sectoral improvements could
help the DRC realise its potential as a
driver of economic growth in Africa.

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ISS Live: What is violence
prevention and does it work?

New research provides essential lessons about the
use of evidence in evaluating safety efforts.

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ISS Live: Africa and the ‘great
game’ of geopolitical influence

As major global powers set
their sights on Africa, what
role should the continent play?

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