Spotlight: US Congress welcomes ISS
insights into Russia’s influence in Africa

As part of a long-term engagement, ISS gave
evidence to a US House of Representatives
foreign affairs subcommittee.

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ISS Today: Gender equality is key
to harnessing Africa’s free
trade benefits

Africa’s poor gender equality track record must be
reversed if the AfCFTA’s vast potential is to be realised.

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Workshop: Women in Ethiopia’s political
parties – new perspectives on
inclusion and diversity

To improve women’s representation, power
systems that privilege some women
over others should be dismantled.

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Workshop: Joining forces to protect
civilians during conflict

How can partnered military operations be managed
to reduce risks for civilians and increase respect
for international humanitarian law?

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Publication: Women’s representation in Ethiopia’s
political parties – issues of inclusion and diversity

Though characteristics such as ethnicity
and education shape women’s entry into politics,
they are often considered one homogenous group.

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Publication: Russia–Africa
relations in an age of renewed
great power competition

Russia is prioritising its Africa outreach to reduce the
impact of Western sanctions and its growing isolation.

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Publication: Value of ‘theory of change’
for community-based organisations

Three organisations in the Western and Northern Cape
used this approach to improve violence-prevention
interventions and strategies.

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ISS Live: Africa’s future depends on
a reset of China-West relations

To develop and reduce poverty,
Africa needs China, the EU and
the US – not a divided world.

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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