Spotlight: pointing to
blue on the African map

ISS has become a vital resource for
Africans and international partners
seeking to build the marine economy.

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ISS Today: What is behind Mozambique’s
growing number of assassinations?

A complex mix of corruption, politics and violence
threatens Mozambique’s fragile stability.

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Weekly briefing: controversy
clouds DRC’s elections

Despite SADC’s assurances
that preparations are on track,
Congolese citizens feel otherwise.

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Seminar: Manufacturing - Africa’s
route to productive growth

Opportunities presented by the fourth
industrial revolution can offset the impact
of Africa’s rapid population growth.

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Publication: Made in Africa –
manufacturing and the
fourth industrial revolution

Can the fourth industrial revolution accelerate
Africa’s economic transformation?

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Grave consequences of an
ineffective UN Security Council

Get behind the call for a legitimate
United Nations Security Council.

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