Spotlight: guiding post-Mugabe
policy in Zimbabwe

ISS experts provided running analysis and advice
on the rapidly unfolding events in November 2017.

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ISS Today: Can SA's Parliament redeem
itself as an oversight mechanism?

How Parliament conducts its state
capture inquiry will be a test for
future responses to corruption.

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Weekly briefing: last step in
overcoming Togo's political crisis?

If successful, this dialogue could
end months of political turmoil.

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Publication: Gathering storm clouds -
political and economic
uncertainty in Central Africa

Interconnected policies provide the best opportunity
for peace and prosperity in the region.

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Publication: The Republic of Congo –
from stalled transition to intractable crises

With economic meltdown looming,
international mediation is needed to build
trust and help resolve the political crisis.

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Briefing video: Morocco
joins the AU Peace
and Security Council

What will the council's newest
member bring to the table?

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