ISS Today: Statelessness - an old
problem with new threats

Nationalism and xenophobia could undo
progress in reducing numbers of people
who are undocumented and unaccounted for.

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Seminar: Zimbabwe’s currency
curse continues

Will the multicurrency ban and
introduction of a new currency
stave off economic collapse?

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Publication: Statelessness in
Southern Africa – Time to
end it, not promote it

Restricting nationality as a deterrent or
punitive measure is not an effective
strategy for managing migration.

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Publication: What counts
as ‘evidence’?

Police should create an organisational
environment of critical thinking, scepticism
and experimentation around their work.

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View on Africa: Botswana's
recent polls defy predictions

Ian Khama’s defection to Botswana's
opposition yielded less than desirable
results for the former president.

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Video: The UN Security
Council is deadlocked

Can a security council created in
1945 deal with threats of nuclear
war, cyber attacks and pandemics?

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ISS Live: Statelessness cannot
be used to manage migration

In Southern Africa, there are worrying signs
that governments are promoting rather
than combating statelessness.

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