ISS Today: Maritime security can help
resolve the Mozambique insurgency

Swift action could prevent the
attacks escalating into an alarming
and complex regional maritime problem.

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Seminar: Regional responses to
the insurgency in Mozambique

How should countries in Southern
Africa respond to the conflict
in northern Mozambique?

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Seminar: Addressing
insecurity in the Sahel

This seminar considers how
the various peace and security
initiatives in the region have fared.

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Publication: National dialogues in the Horn of Africa -
Lessons for Ethiopia’s political transition

As political tensions rise in Ethiopia, what
can be learned from national dialogues
in Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya?

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ISS Live: The future of facial
recognition tech in Africa

Are African states prepared for biometrics,
as COVID-19 accelerates the use of
facial recognition technology?

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ISS Live: How will COVID-19
change Africa?

New forecasts show how Africa can
minimise the profound impact of
the pandemic over the next decade.

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