ISS Today: AU summit 30
- Are states serious about
African Union reform?

Decisions are made, but rarely
implemented by member states -
this should top the talks in Addis Ababa.

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Seminar: What to expect
at the AU summit

This seminar considers key issues
for the summit and launches ISS
papers on Morocco and the AU.

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Weekly briefing: ANC
prospects under Ramaphosa

Will new leadership restore confidence
in South Africa’s ruling party?

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Publication: The meaning of
Morocco’s return to
the African Union

Morocco should participate constructively at the AU
and consolidate its successful bilateral economic
and cultural diplomacy in Africa.

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Publication: Enhancing AU responses
to instability - linking AGA and APSA

The African Union has struggled to improve governance.
Linking its two approaches can help achieve positive impact.

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Publication: Reducing violence in South Africa -
resourcing violence prevention

A review of government funding opportunities
argues for a unique approach to raising
violence prevention funds.

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Publication: Peace and
Security Council Report 98

This issue looks at PSC decisions
in 2017 and what to expect at the
AU summit in January 2018.

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Video: Shifting focus in Liberia

Liberia provides an example of the move from peacekeeping
to peacebuilding. An ISS/United Nations exclusive.

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Briefing video: can Central
Africa avoid disaster?

Entrenched political regimes, economic
turmoil and chronic underdevelopment
threaten regional prospects.

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