ISS Today: Circular economy -
moving Africa towards
environmental sustainability

Africa faces economic and climate
change related risks, and the circular
economy can help reduce both.

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Seminar: Africa’s role in regulating
autonomous weapons systems

Other than the need for human control
of these controversial weapons, what
rules should govern their use?

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Seminar: Will Magufuli win
a second term?

Do all the candidates stand a fair
chance in Tanzania’s legislative and
presidential elections next month?

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Seminar: Will women, peace and
security remain a SA foreign policy
priority after 2020?

Once its Security Council term ends,
can South Africa remain a champion
in this vital sector?

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Seminar: Assessing the
role of amnesties in
Silencing the Guns

Three years after its launch, how has
Africa Amnesty Month helped to
reduce armed violence?

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Publication: Constitutional
design options for Ethiopia -
managing ethnic divisions

Proposals for managing diversity
are analysed along with options and
lessons from other parts of the world.

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Publication: How an IGAD
Regional Maritime Council
can boost trade

Regional trade policies, mechanisms to deal
with bottlenecks, and infrastructural capacity
to ease transportation systems are needed.

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Publication: Relations between
Africa and Europe -
mapping Africa’s priorities

At the upcoming summit, African negotiators
should ensure the continent’s priorities are
reflected in the new Africa-EU strategy.

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ISS Live: Building a stronger partnership
between Africa and Europe

Experts discussed the priorities that
Africa’s negotiators should push for in
formulating a new Africa-EU strategy.

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