Press release: Collaborating
for a peaceful and
secure Africa

The African Union Commission and
the ISS renewed their partnership on
governance and human security issues.

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Seminar: African Futures
– the long view: structural
transitions for prosperity

How will transitions in demographics,
industrialisation and stability affect
livelihoods over the next 20 years?

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Weekly briefing: a major shift
in Ethiopia’s refugee policy

How can Ethiopia deliver on
the promise of its new and
progressive refugee policy?

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Seminar: Keep them out – costs
of South Africa’s migration policy

What are the consequences – intended
and unintended – of a ‘risk-based’
approach to migration?

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Seminar: Are human
trafficking and kidnapping
linked in South Africa?

Although data on both problems is
uneven, this seminar will review
available information and trends.

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Seminar: Future population and
political instability risk trends in Africa

New research shows the impact of
population trends and political
instability on Africa’s prospects.

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Video: It’s time to prevent
violence against children

To reduce violence in society, we must start
with reducing violence against children.
Join the #WeCommit campaign.

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Video: Designing the
future of Africa

The African Futures and Innovation programme
at the ISS uses historical trends to
identify future growth opportunities.

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Publication: Peace and Security
Council Report No 107

This month's issue focuses on the
DRC, mediation and AU leadership.

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Briefing video: What works
to prevent extremism?

A new study of 133 projects in six
West and Central African countries
offers key insights.

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