ISS Today: Sweeping illegal sand
mining under the rug in Uganda

Lost revenue, environmental damage
and exploitation of vulnerable communities
makes this a high-cost industry for Uganda.

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Seminar: Assessing Ethiopia’s
foreign policy in the Horn

The government’s new priorities
have major implications for peace
and stability in the region.

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Seminar: Why is drug use and trafficking
spreading so fast in Africa?

This seminar considers the rapid spread
of drug use and trafficking, and how
COVID-19 might affect policy options.

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ISS Live: How will COVID-19
affect prosecution services?

The implications are far-reaching, but
disruptions caused by the pandemic could
spur prosecutorial reform and innovation.

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Publication: Impact of COVID-19 in
Africa - a scenario analysis to 2030

Africa’s development trajectory
has suffered a severe setback, with
extreme poverty rising in all the scenarios.

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ISS Live: Spotlight on South
Africa’s police brutality problem

Despite the police minister’s claims to
the contrary, police use of excessive
force is a major challenge.

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ISS Live: How Africa can draw
women into the maritime industry

What practical steps can ensure that
women participate meaningfully
in Africa’s maritime sector?

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ISS contacts during
temporary office closure

For media inquiries about human security
in Africa and related implications of COVID-19

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The Institute for Security Studies is an African organisation, which enhances human security by providing independent and authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building.
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