ISS Today: Inside Sudan’s
house of cards

Sudan’s government is weakening
in its capacity to govern; but the
opposition remains even weaker.

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Weekly briefing: SA’s
political turmoil

Can South Africa recover
from its self-inflicted crisis?

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Analysis: Why the SAPS needs
an internal anti-corruption unit

This policy brief offers a number of arguments
for why this approach makes good sense.

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Peace and Security
Council Report No 90

This edition covers Western Sahara, Darfur
and the 10th anniversary of the African Charter
on Democracy, Elections and Governance.

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South African Crime Quarterly 59

This issue explores topics related to domestic violence,
refusing parole and mental illness as a defence.

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Briefing video: using
police to bring peace

Could an increased use of police
provide an alternative to costly
military peace operations?

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