Africa’s place in
resolving Libya’s quagmire

The AU decided at its 33rd summit to upgrade
its presence in Libya and assert its role in
efforts to make peace in the country.

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New PSC members, old ways?

Ministers of foreign affairs, who are meeting
during the 33rd African Union summit in Addis
Ababa, will elect ten new members of the PSC.

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The PSC should do more
to respond to conflicts in 2020

Although the PSC made great strides in solving conflicts,
such as that in Sudan, in 2019, important crises such as
that in Cameroon were not tabled for discussion.

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The AU’s Youth, Peace and
Security agenda: one year on

The PSC has an important role to
play in overseeing the AU’s Youth
Peace and Security agenda.

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Egypt’s key achievements
as AU chair in 2019

Egypt’s ambassador to the AU tells the PSC Report
that Egypt made important progress to ensure
that the reform process moves forward in 2019.

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