Now is the time for UN Security Council reform


The decreasing legitimacy of the United Nations (UN), and the UN Security Council in particular, is a key challenge in today's interconnected and complex world.

Elect the Council is a global civil society initiative advocating for countries to be elected to represent regions on the UN Security Council on a proportional basis and to get rid of the system of permanent members and veto-rights.

Elect the Council aims to galvanise organised civil society globally to help achieve this goal over a 15-year transition period. Moving to a system of globally elected countries will restore legitimacy to the UN Security Council, along with a sense of fairness, transparency and equity.

With the UN Security Council at the pinnacle of global security governance, reform will be difficult, but not impossible. Elect the Council is well aware of the associated challenges and past efforts.

For more information about the Elect the Council proposal, visit or watch the video at

Chair: Dr Paul-Simon Handy, Senior Research Associate, ISS

Speaker: Dr Jakkie Cilliers, Executive Director, ISS

This is one of a series of events hosted by the ISS during the AU Summit from 7 – 15 June in Johannesburg. Other ISS events during the AU Summit:

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