The state of peace and security in East Africa


The Institute for Security Studies commissioned a scoping study on the state of peace and security in East Africa as part of the process of deepening its engagement with the sub-region. This monograph analyses peace and security dynamics in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes conflict systems. It also maps intergovernmental, state and non-state interventions and actors in East Africa. The monograph concludes that the region remains fragile despite progress in governance and development in some of the countries and offers recommendations for further improvement.

About the authors

Manasseh Wepundi has 15 years of experience in peace and security research, monitoring, and evaluation in East Africa. He has worked as a researcher for Kenyan, South Sudanese and Ugandan NGOs.

Roba D Sharamo, ISS Regional Director and Representative to the African Union, Horn and East Africa, has 22 years of experience in international peace, security and conflict management in Africa.

Photo: © Amelia Broodryk/ISS

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