How Central Africa can avoid political and economic crisis


Central African states are under mounting pressure to deliver services amid growing economic stress caused by the recent commodity downturn. Reported incidents of political violence are rising, and many of the region’s longest serving leaders have been in power for several decades. Faced with the prospect of critical political transitions, how can the region avoid a political and economic crisis?

Drawing on new research, analysts from the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) will discuss political, social and economic challenges facing Central African countries in the context of broader structural changes unfolding in the region.

The research report will be available at the seminar.

Chair: Dr Christian Pout, President, CEIDES


Fonteh Akum, Senior Researcher, ISS

Zachary Donnenfeld, Senior Researcher, ISS

This seminar is co-hosted with the Centre africain d’études internationales diplomatiques économiques et stratégiques (CEIDES).

Picture: Brittany Danisch/Flickr

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