Freedom of movement: unlocking Africa's development potential

Africa has the tools to advance greater freedom of movement, but must put these into practice.

On paper, Africa has what is needed to advance greater freedom of movement on the continent. This includes having legal instruments and policies on continental migration governance in place. In addition, some regions, in West, East and Southern Africa, have developed innovative tools that could advance development and regional integration underpinned by migration. The challenge, however, is putting these into practice.

About the author

Ottilia Anna Maunganidze is the head of special projects at the ISS. She manages programmes on migration and counter-terrorism monitoring. Ottilia’s work centres on transnational issues and international law, with a particular focus on international human rights law, humanitarian law and international criminal law. She writes and comments widely on international criminal justice, terrorism policy and practice, and migration governance.

Picture: IOM/Mary-Sanyu Osire

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