Peace and Security Council Report No 70


The African Union (AU) summit from 7–15 June in Johannesburg, South Africa, is likely to focus on a number of peace and security issues. These include the situation in Burundi and Libya. The AU’s theme for 2015 is the ‘Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063’.

The Peace and Security Council (PSC) is concerned about the plight of African migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya. Almost 2 000 migrants have died at sea since the beginning of 2015.

Attempts by African presidents to extend presidential term limits have been causing great uncertainty and potential instability. The crisis in Burundi broke out due to the third-term bid by President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Africa Day on 25 May was an occasion to look at progress made towards greater African unity.

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