Peace and Security Council Report No 58


This edition includes a regional security analysis on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a mission analysis of the African Union Mission for Mali and the Sahel (MISAHEL) and an open-page article that looks at rail transportation in Africa as a means to enhance economic growth, integration, peace and security.

The mission analysis of the MISAHEL focuses on its mandate to support Mali in the crisis-recovery process and to help the countries of the Sahel in facing security, governance and development challenges.

The regional security analysis addresses the impact on the LRA of the 2013 coup that took place in Bangui. It also looks at the deteriorating security situation in the Central African Republic (CAR), the LRA’s alliance with the anti-balaka group and an alleged safe haven that has been provided for the LRA in Sudan.

The impact of additional external resources devoted to the defeat of the LRA is also considered, along with recent successes enjoyed by the African Union-authorised counter-LRA mission (the African Union Regional Task Force).

The open-page article explores the benefits of a rail network that could link African states to Europe and Asia, as well as stimulate international trade, commerce and communication. Such a network would also facilitate pan-Africanism and political integration, and enhance opportunities for greater peace, stability and security on the continent.

Duke Kent-Brown (Editor)

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