National dialogues in the Horn of Africa: lessons for Ethiopia's political transition


Ethiopia’s highly praised political transition is contending with long-standing state-building deficits, which are fuelling tensions in the country. The deferral of the national election because of the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated existing political uncertainties. As politicians and civil society grapple with potential political and security crises, calls for a national dialogue have grown. This report examines national dialogues in Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya and draws lessons for Ethiopia.

About the authors

Dr Dawit Yohannes is a Senior Researcher in the ISS Addis Ababa office. He has worked extensively on peace and security in Africa.

Meressa Kahsu Dessu is a Senior Researcher and Training Coordinator in the ISS Addis Ababa office. He has worked on peace operations and peacebuilding in Africa.

Picture: Amelia Broodryk/ISS

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