Zimbabwe aims to highlight disaster
prevention and foreign militaries in Africa

The PSC Report spoke to Zimbabwe’s Ambassador
Albert Chimbini about Zimbabwe’s
plans for the PSC in August 2019.

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Niamey summit sees the slow
implementation of AU reforms

The AU reforms championed by
President Paul Kagame are slowly
but surely being implemented.

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Where to from
here in Algeria?

Political uncertainty prevails in Algeria
after many weeks of popular protests
against the government.

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Silencing the guns
beyond 2020

The AU theme of the year for 2020 will be
‘Silencing the guns: creating conducive
conditions for Africa’s development’.

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Defining AU–REC relations
is still a work in progress

The division of labour between the
AU and RECs was the focus of the first
coordination meeting in Niamey, Niger.

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The democratisation process
in The Gambia remains fragile

Two-and-a-half years after Yahya Jammeh was
chased from power, The Gambia stands at a
crucial juncture in its transition process.

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Reviewing AU peace
support operations: what to
do when there’s no peace to keep?

The PSC is faced with the difficult
task of determining the future of
its peace operations in Africa.

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Dangers ahead for Sudan after
its suspension from the AU

The decision to suspend Sudan from the AU was
not an easy one, but the violent crackdown
on protestors left the PSC with little choice.

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