PSC Report interview:
‘I’m not here to tick a box’,
says AU youth envoy

The PSC Report spoke to AU youth envoy
Aya Chebbi about getting young people
involved in silencing the guns in Africa.

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PSC Report interview:
‘The AU’s voice in the
Great Lakes remains key’

Former UN special envoy Said Djinnit says the greatest
source of instability in the Great Lakes region remains the
presence of non-state armed groups in the eastern DRC.

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Will South Africa
bridge the AU–SADC divide?

Special focus on AU RECs: South Africa could play
a role in mending fences between SADC and the
AU over tricky issues such as elections in the DRC.

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The Horn of Africa should
improve citizen engagement

Special focus on regional economic communities:
In the run-up to the Niamey summit, the AU
should improve its relations with civil society.

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