Safeguarding Sudan’s
precarious peace agreement

A comprehensive peace agreement with
rebel groups will be a major achievement
in Sudan’s political transition.

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The AU navigates
the COVID-19 storm

The AU has been obliged to adapt its plans for 2020
owing to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, with
some measure of success thanks to virtual meetings.

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Libyan talks raise
hopes of reunification

The recent talks in Bouznika, Morocco
have laid the foundations to kickstart
the reunification of Libya.

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PSC Report Interview:
Finding a Libyan solution
to the Libyan crisis

The PSC Report spoke to Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s
minister of foreign affairs, about the recent Libyan
peace talks and about the threat of terrorism in Africa.

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Mali and the Sahel on
the PSC’s agenda this month

The PSC Report spoke to Djibouti’s ambassador
to the AU about the Peace and Security
Council’s agenda for September.

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Maintaining multilateralism
in a world hit by COVID-19

The PSC Report spoke to Ambassador Boubacar Issa Abdourhamane,
permanent representative of the Francophonie to the AU, about
his organisation’s work in Africa during COVID-19 pandemic.

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The AU’s role beyond
the GERD negotiations

The current AU-led negotiations on the Grand
Ethiopian Renaissance Dam have made some important
achievements, and is expected to lead to a binding agreement.

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Côte d’Ivoire and the
‘third-term’ virus

The virus of ‘a third term at all costs’ poses a serious
risk to the entrenchment and consolidation of
democratic norms and practices in Africa.

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