Pan-African Parliament’s woes
reflect a crisis in leadership

The PAP can only be saved if MPs
truly represent African citizens and
the AU gives the body power.

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Does Africa need its own
humanitarian agency?

Although a decision has been made to set up the
African Humanitarian Agency, implementation
hasn’t yet started.

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The Somali political crisis calls
into question its transitional plan

President Farmajo’s April attempt to extend his term
by two years has ignited political tensions in Somalia.

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The AU reneges on its
stance against coups d’état

The PSC’s decision not to sanction Chad runs
contrary to the African Union’s values and norms.

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Marking the 1 000th
PSC meeting

This landmark is a good time to reflect on how
the council can play a more vital role in Africa.

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Europe is committed to finding
African solutions – EU ambassador

PSC Report spoke to Birgitte Markussen, EU ambassador to the AU,
on tackling peace and security issues globally.

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