‘Magufuli’s passing could renew
relationships in the EAC’

The PSC Report spoke to Prof Tim Murithi,
head of peacebuilding interventions at
IJR, about leadership in Africa.

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What can the AU do about
the conflict in Mozambique?

Despite the fact that SADC is the first
responder when it comes to Mozambique,
the AU’s hands aren’t completely tied.

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Political solution needed for
the Ethiopia–Sudan border dispute

De-escalation of the border dispute
should be a priority for both countries.

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AU financial independence:
still a long way to go

Foreign ministers recommend
cancelling AU projects for 2021
that do not have a secure budget.

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Will the new AU Commission
meet expectations?

The AU Commission election outcomes show
that some regions were more strategic
in vying for positions than others.

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