Regional coordination against
COVID-19: what role for the RECs?

Regional economic communities have
had mixed results in their attempts to
coordinate responses to COVID-19.

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What role for the AU as
Somalia prepares for elections?

As Somalia prepares for elections before the
end of 2020, the AU’s involvement should
go beyond counter-terrorism operations.

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Crucial months ahead for the AU
Commission to implement reforms

The AU has made some progress towards implementing
much-anticipated reforms, notably those concerning
a new AU Commission, to be elected in 2021.

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Silencing the guns
in Africa’s borderlands

The AU celebrated Africa Border Day on 7
June – an opportunity to place the spotlight
on resolving ongoing border disputes.

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Young people take the AU’s
‘silencing the guns’ campaign online

As AU activities increasingly move towards
digital platforms, the PSC is discussing the
continent’s youth, peace and security agenda.

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The African Union can
do better for the Sahel

Uncertainty remains over many aspects
of the AU’s planned troop deployment
to fight terrorism in the region.

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Can the AU help Africa’s
private sector survive COVID-19?

To avoid major social crises, national
efforts should be coordinated to
keep the private sector afloat.

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COVID-19 should help in
rethinking peace support in Africa

Peacekeepers are assisting countries in
crisis by supporting health responses and
disseminating information on the pandemic.

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