Africa’s divisions over Western
Sahara could impact the PSC

Overcoming internal divisions over
Western Sahara is set to be a challenge
for the PSC in the year ahead.

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The AU saves the CAR deal
in extremis, but it needs to do more

The AU has stepped in to save the
February peace deal in the Central
African Republic, but it remains fragile.

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Why the PSC should
discuss Cameroon

The threats facing Cameroon are
weighing heavily on peace and stability
and have serious regional implications.

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Lessons from AU election
observation in Nigeria and Senegal

AU election observation missions could help
to enhance the capacity of electoral bodies and
improve the electoral laws in member states.

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Can the AU–UN efforts in Libya
pave the way for elections in 2019?

The AU Commission, together with the UN,
are planning an international conference
on reconciliation in Libya.

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PSC Interview: ‘Outsiders should
refrain from meddling in Algeria’

The PSC Report spoke to ISS senior
research consultant Matt Herbert
about the protests in Algeria.

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Restructuring Africa’s
partnerships easier said than done

The African Union is trying to better
coordinate Africa’s engagements with
other continents and countries,
but this will take time.

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