South Africans are feeling
more and more unsafe

The problem is not just more crime,
but falling public confidence in the
police and especially the courts.

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South African Crime Quarterly 65

This edition focuses on addressing gaps in
some of South Africa's most enduring challenges.

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Violent crime on farms and
smallholdings in South Africa

More detailed police data is needed, but available
statistics show that farm attack trends
correspond with increases in house robbery.

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Political bias
within the system
weakens SA criminal justice

The problem is not just external
interference, but officials who
promote party or factional interests.

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A surprising way to
save the lives of police

Murder isn’t the greatest threat to
officers’ lives, and shouldn’t be
used to justify abuse of force.

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South Africa is at
war with itself

The most important investment
South Africa can make is in the
safety of young people and women.

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Killing of women and children
sees massive increase in
SAPS crime statistics

The ISS welcomed the Police Minister’s
new approach to providing more detailed
statistics on murder trends.

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Infographic: Murder in SA
still on the rise

Latest crime statistics show the
extent of violence in the country.

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Infographic: Small drop
in key robberies

After increasing for several years, these
types of robberies show a slight decline.

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