Why are South Africans
underreporting on crime?

Ample resources are available to police,
but crime statistics paint a worrying picture.

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Infographic: Prison facts

How did the South African Correctional
Services perform in 2015/2016?

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Xenophobia again jeopardises
South Africa’s interests in Africa

It is high time South Africans tackle the
problem of xenophobia for what it
is – if only for the sake of self-interest.

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Supporting families is essential for
inclusive economic growth in SA

Violence against children exacts
a terrible cost on the South African
economy. But this can change.

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Infographic: Prosecutions
facts 2015/2016

How did the National Prosecutions
Authority perform in 2015/2016?

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Military policing of Parliament:
what does SA law say?

Deploying the military with the
police for security in Parliament
is a risky business.

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Infographic: Police facts

How did the South African Police
Service perform in 2015/2016?

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Municipal and district map

Crime statistics for each municipality
and district council in South Africa
for various crime categories

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Crime statistics wizard

Plot and compare the latest crime
statistics across South Africa
by policing precinct

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