Lessons in preventing violent
protest in South Africa

Good communication and respectful
responses to local service delivery
problems can prevent anger and violence.

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Busting South Africa’s xenophobic
myths starts at grassroots

A concerted effort is needed to prevent
attacks on irregular migrants ahead
of this year’s local elections.

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Leadership integrity and the
crisis in South Africa’s policing

Long-standing abuses in the appointment
of leaders are at the heart of the country’s
failing police service.

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Using digital tools against
financial crime and corruption

Open-source investigation techniques could
give a much-needed boost to South Africa’s
poor record of prosecuting high-profile cases.

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Failure could save
South African policing

If police learn from their mistakes
and implement those lessons, South
Africa could become a safer place.

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South Africa’s Victims of Crime
Survey adds useful insights

More data means better ability to
address the country’s public
safety challenges.

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Kidnapping in South Africa:
rely on data not social media

Statistics on the motives for kidnapping
and who is most at risk are both
surprising and concerning.

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Police abuses during lockdown
reflect deep accountability problems

Why did some police officials blatantly disregard
the fundamental liberties protected
by South Africa’s constitution?

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South Africa’s private sector
can help stop gender-based violence

Violence against women and children is
everybody’s business, and companies
can do a lot to contribute.

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