Do foreigners really
commit SA’s most violent crimes?

Statements by Gauteng’s police head
promote xenophobia and could
provoke violence against foreigners.

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Accurate statistics are needed
for the SA farm murder debate

The extent of violent crime in the
farming community is hard to
define without better data.

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ISS Today: What do we know
about murder in South Africa?

For a country with one of the highest
global murder rates, little is publicly
known about the trends.

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Closing the tap on
illegal firearms

Laws are only as good as their enforcement;
strong gun laws save lives, poor enforcement kills.

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Press release: Police not
coping with serious violent crime

SAPS leadership needs to operate
without political interference.

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SA crime stats 2017

Four new infographics depict rising
levels of murder and robbery, and
crime reporting trends.

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