View on Africa: restoring
trust in SA’s prosecution service

Rebuilding the National Prosecuting
Authority’s credibility will take more
than appointing a new head.

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Only prosecutions and
police reform will rid SAPS
of Marikana’s deadly stain

Police responsible for the unnecessary
killings of striking miners must be
held accountable says the ISS.

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Marikana Scene
2 uncovered

The South African Police Service can
no longer be allowed to close
ranks to protect itself.

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ISS Live: How policing
must change after Marikana

New research points to specific
actions that must be taken to
improve policing in South Africa.

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The sound of gunfire: the police shootings
at Marikana Scene 2, 16 August 2012

This report provides the most comprehensive
account yet of how and why 17
strikers died at Scene 2.

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Heroin hits South Africa
along the ‘highway to impunity’

Have South Africa’s ports and authorities
been absorbed into the heroin economy?

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South Africa’s police
must be where the crime is

Targeted deployment based on sound data can
place police in areas where violence is highest.

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