ISS Today: Rising food prices could ignite
unrest and instability in Africa

Governments must act fast to ensure their
people are fed and avoid conflict
the continent cannot afford.

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Seminar: Africa’s security partnership
with China – looking to the future

By understanding and building
relations with China on security, Africa
can increase its influence in global affairs.

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Seminar: An inside view of the
South African Police Service

Former SAPS major-general Jeremy Vearey
will discuss the potential and the
perils facing South African policing.

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Seminar: Are coups
back in Africa?

Recent government takeovers in Chad, Guinea
and Mali suggest that the continent’s
efforts to contain coups are failing.

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ISS Live: Rethinking the African
Union’s approach in the Sahel

The spread of violent extremism raises
questions about what the many actors
involved in the region have achieved.

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ISS Live: Protest as a force for change –
Africa’s role in global trends

COVID-19 is just one of the
drivers of rising public grievances
in Africa and across the world.

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