Spotlight: Talking with terrorists

Negotiating with Africa’s violent extremists
is a bold idea that caught the attention
of US Congress members.

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ISS Today: How has Mauritania
managed to stave off terror attacks?

There are lessons for the Sahel
in how Mauritania has prevented
attacks over the past eight years.

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Publication: Leading through
consensus – South Africa
chairs the AU

SA should choose a few priorities
for 2020 and ensure buy-in from
key players on the continent.

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Publication: The undiscovered country –
essays in honour of Maxi Schoeman

This collection shows the stimulating
effect that Maxi Schoeman’s work
has had on international relations.

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Publication: Complementarity – The
Global Compact on Refugees and
1969 OAU Refugee Convention

There are three areas in which the Global
Compact can support implementation
of the Refugee Convention.

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Publication: Overlapping claims by
Somaliland and Puntland –
the case of Sool and Sanaag

The only viable long-term solution is to incorporate
the views of local populations in Sool and Sanaag.

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View on Africa: as the digital threat
grows, how should Africa respond?

Africa runs the risk of becoming a safe
haven for digitally focused criminals.

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ISS Live: Can South Africa lead
through consensus at the AU?

Ahead of South Africa’s tenure as
African Union chair, this seminar
considers what to expect in 2020.

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