ISS Today: Free and fair
elections still out of
reach in Angola

With the political playing field stacked in the
ruling party’s favour, conflict could erupt
after the 24 August polls.

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Seminar: Long-term perspectives
on Asia–Africa relations

As Asia’s global economic power grows,
the impact on Africa can be understood
through four alternative scenarios.

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Publication: Free and fair?
Angola’s uneven election playing field

Election observer mission recommendations haven’t
been implemented by the MPLA-led government
that controls electoral and political levers of power.

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ISS Live: How will global
upheavals affect Africa?

In the first of a series, this
seminar considers Africa’s prospects
in relation to four long-term global scenarios.

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ISS Live: Mass shootings – tackling one of
South Africa’s established crime problems

Incidents of gunmen shooting at groups of
people spark fear and concern about
whether they can be stopped.

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