ISS Today: Water security in South Africa –
forgotten but not gone

Rains have washed away memories of
Cape Town’s crisis, but the country’s
water future is still precarious.

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Seminar: Elections 2019 – who is
saying what about corruption?

Corruption is a ‘hot button’ issue
that could influence voting
patterns in the May polls.

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Seminar: Lessons from 2019
elections in Nigeria and Senegal

Tensions before and after the polls
are concerning for the development
of Africa’s democracies.

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Seminar: Why South Africa needs
prosecutor-led investigations

Police and prosecutors will discuss the
benefits of this approach for dealing
with organised crime and corruption.

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Seminar: Good policing needs
well managed police stations

South African and Bavarian station
managers will share lessons on
the daily challenges they face.

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Repositioning the AU’s role in
counter-terrorism operations

The African Union should authorise
and coordinate, rather than mandate
and lead, counter-terrorism operations.

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Weekly briefing: testing
Somaliland's democratic record

Parliamentary elections were again
postponed, but a negotiated agreement
can uphold the country’s progress thus far.

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Infographic: Africa elections 2019

Will the continent’s numerous elections
this year bring change?

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