ISS Today: Do money and
power explain Maputo’s
aversion to SADC support?

Mozambique needs to be persuaded that
SADC aims to stabilise Cabo Delgado, not
undermine or compete with the government.

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Seminar: Africa needs better AU
support on security sector reform

How can the African Union’s technical and
financial assistance to countries be enhanced?

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Seminar: West Africa strengthens
its maritime security capabilities

Solutions are being initiated
throughout the region, but
are they complementary?

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Publication: Reconfiguring alliances
in the Horn of Africa

The trilateral alliance between
Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia could heighten
regional tensions and undermine IGAD's work.

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Publication: Dealing with a difficult past – time to
revitalise the Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission?

Specific steps can strengthen this
important commission which, two years after
its establishment, still grapples with major challenges.

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ISS Live: Africa in
the world

For Africa to take its place on
the global stage, there is still
much work to be done.

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