The rebirth: Tunisia’s development pathways


Tunisia is unique in North Africa. The country is the only democracy in the region, has already achieved many of the Sustainable Development Goals and boasts progressive reproductive health policies. But these positive indicators conceal widespread frustration with high unemployment, corruption and a closed economic system.

This seminar will launch the ISS’ latest research on Tunisia’s future prospects to 2040. The report presents three alternative scenarios for advancing development towards a stable and more prosperous future.

Chair: Prof. Jelel Ezzine, Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. ENIT, Tunisia


Dr Jakkie Cilliers, Programme Head, ISS

Stellah Kwasi, Researcher, ISS

Samir Bouzekri, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Tunisia

Majdi Hassen, executive director, IACE

Asma Bouraoui Khouja, Inclusive Growth and Human Development, Team Leader, UNDP

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