The clock is ticking on South Sudan’s transition


In February 2022, South Sudan’s transitional unity government will be two years old, with one year remaining to achieve the goals set out in the 2018 peace agreement. Although some progress has been made, the transition has been crippled by political disputes, corruption, inter-communal conflicts, a deteriorating humanitarian situation and a shrinking economic base.

This seminar will consider what needs to be achieved in the next year, the realities within which the peace agreement is being implemented and how various actors and warring parties have adjusted to the power-sharing arrangement.

A new ISS report that assesses the transition’s prospects will be launched at the event.

Chairperson: Dr Andrews Atta-Asamoah, Head, Africa Peace and Security Governance, ISS Addis Ababa


Dr Emmaculate Asige Liaga, former associate post-doctoral researcher, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding, Graduate Institute, Geneva

Samuel Tilahun Tessema, Senior Legal Advisor, IGAD South Sudan Office

Abraham Awolich, Acting Executive Director, Sudd Institute, Juba

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