National dialogue for Ethiopia: lessons from the Horn


Ethiopia’s political transition faces fast-changing dynamics and concerning peace and security challenges. Discussions on the need for a national dialogue are gaining momentum. A dialogue is one important option that provides a way to reconcile opposing visions for the future and put the country’s political reforms back on track in an inclusive manner.

This seminar launches a new ISS report that draws lessons on dialogue processes from Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. Speakers will consider the factors that might shape the credibility and legitimacy of national dialogue in Ethiopia, and how experiences from the region can be applied to promote sustainable peace in the country.

Chair: Dr Semir Yusuf, Senior Researcher, Horn of Africa, ISS Addis Ababa


Dr Dawit Yohannes, Senior Researcher, Peace Operations Peacebuilding, ISS Addis Ababa

Meressa Kahsu Dessu, Senior Researcher and Training Coordinator, Peace Operations Peacebuilding, ISS Addis Ababa

Dr Hans-Joachim Giessmann, Director Emeritus, Berghof Foundation and Senior Advisor for Berghof’s work with Afghanistan and Ethiopia

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