Mozambique's new war?


Since 2012, clashes between Mozambican government forces and the Renamo opposition movement have brought an end to 20 years of peace that followed the civil war. Conflict intensified from late 2015 and government forces are accused of systematically attacking rural civilians in an attempt to cut off Renamo’s support.

Based on his research in central Mozambique, Dr Justin Pearce will discuss the social rifts that date to colonial times and recent grievances arising from economic change. Attitudes towards the government and Renamo alongside the political and military strategies of both sides will be covered.

Gustavo de Carvalho will assess peacebuilding efforts in Mozambique and what they mean for national stability. Key findings from a new ISS research paper on the challenges for consolidating peace in the country will be discussed. Copies of the paper will be available at the seminar.

Chair: Dr Nelson Alusala, Senior Research Associate, ISS 


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