Governing in the shadows: Angola’s securitised state


In her book, Governing in the shadows – Angola’s securitised state, independent analyst and former ISS senior researcher Paula Cristina Roque traces three decades of securitisation in Angola.

The book explores the inner workings of the intelligence services, the army and presidential guard. It explains the journey of a survivalist and fearful regime as it presides over scarcity and injustice for the people of Angola. With far more power than government institutions, the ‘shadows’ weakened the administration and widened the gap between the state and civilians. Roque will be in conversation with well-known BBC journalist and writer Andrew Harding.

Chairperson: Jakkie Cilliers, Head, African Futures & Innovation, ISS Pretoria


Paula Cristina Roque, author and independent analyst

Andrew Harding, Africa Correspondent, BBC

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