Exploring links between violent extremism, organised crime and local conflicts in Liptako-Gourma


The Liptako-Gourma region, spanning Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, is the epicentre of the security crisis gripping the Sahel-Saharan strip. Armed violence increased and spread in the region from 2015, linked to the activism of violent extremist groups, the escalation of local conflicts and the persistence of transnational organised crime.

For long term stability, the local dynamics fuelling insecurity must be better understood. This event discusses the findings of a two-year research project that generated empirical data on the links between violent extremism, transnational organised crime and local conflicts in Liptako-Gourma in order to inform policy and decision-making processes.

Chair: Paul-Simon Handy, Senior Regional Adviser, ISS


This is closed seminar, and participation is by invitation only.

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