Violent extremism in Mozambique: drivers and links to transnational organised crime

Research shows that locals see the discovery of natural resources as a leading cause of the insurgency.

Collaborative research between the Institute for Security Studies and the Judicial Training Institute of Mozambique revealed that people in Cabo Delgado see the discovery and poor governance of natural resources as a cause of the insurgency. The study also found few links between the insurgency and organised crime, and that regional rather than ethnic differences play a major role in the conflict.

About the authors

Martin Ewi is a Senior Researcher and Coordinator of the Southern African Organised Crime Observatory, ENACT Project, ISS Pretoria.

Liesl Louw-Vaudran is a Senior Researcher, ISS Pretoria.

Willem Els is Senior Training Coordinator for the ENACT Project, ISS Pretoria.

Richard Chelin is a former senior researcher in the ENACT Project, ISS Pretoria.

Dr Yussuf Adam is a retired Professor of History at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique.

Dr Elisa Samuel Boerekamp is Director of the Matola-Maputo-based Judicial Training Institute of Mozambique.

The analysis presented in this report is solely that of the authors and does not represent the views of the institutions with which they are affiliated.

Image: © Willem Els/ISS

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