Damned to desperation: the gendered nature of disruptive politics among South African youth


South Africa's youth vote
©Institute for Security Studies

South Africa’s youth are often portrayed in the media as being at the forefront of xenophobic attacks, looting foreign-owned stores and participating in social movements and disruptive protests. Young men are identified as more likely than young women to engage in protest action. This study explores the complexities young people face and that often drive them towards engaging in protests as opposed to participating in formal democratic processes like elections.

About the author

Lauren Tracey-Temba is a researcher in the Justice and Violence Prevention Programme at the Institute for Security Studies. Her research focuses on governance, crime and justice, particularly relating to youth and their democratic participation in Africa. In addition to several publications on the subject, she has contributed to African Union High Level Dialogues on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.

Picture: Paul Saad/Flickr

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