South African Crime Quarterly 23


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Welcome to the first edition of 2008, in this edition Todd Clear shows how the South African penal system could respond more ethically without an overwhelming investment of new resources using a two pronged approach, Gareth Newham considers the extent and nature of residential robbery in Gauteng and what is being done to tackle the problem.

According to the article by Barbara Holtmann, as long as we ignore children’s needs, we can never build a criminal justice system that will adequately address crime and violence in South Africa, demonstrating why safety is an issue for society as a whole and not just for the police, courts and prisons, Andrew Faull examines important issues that need to be addressed around corruption in SAPS and metro police and finally Bilkis Omar discusses the the Criminal Record and Forensic Science Service (CRFSS) in the SAPS challenges, most notably the high cost of training, low salaries, high staff turnover and problems relating to evidence collection at crime scenes.

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