Repositioning the AU’s role in counter-terrorism operations

The African Union should authorise and coordinate, rather than mandate and lead, counter-terrorism operations.

One of the ways that the African Union (AU) addresses threats to Africa’s security is by authorising or deploying counter-terrorism operations. Such operations are related to, but distinct from peace support operations, which are an AU statutory tool for preventing, managing and resolving crises. This policy brief explains why and how the AU should reposition its role in supporting counter-terrorism operations.

About the author

Dr Jide Okeke is currently affiliated with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as a Mason Fellow in Public Policy where he is a beneficiary of the John F Kennedy Fellowship. He has previously worked for the African Union Commission and the United Nations Development Programme.

Development partners
This policy brief is funded by the Government of Norway through its Training for Peace Programme. The ISS is also grateful for support from the members of the ISS Partnership Forum: the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the European Union and the governments of Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA.
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