Peace and Security Council Report No 57


This edition includes country analyses on Burundi and Libya as well as a spotlight article about the 2014 election of the African Union Peace and Security Council (PSC) members.

The analysis of developments in Burundi focuses on tensions between partners in the ruling coalition, important proposed constitutional amendments, the elections scheduled to take place in 2015, the continuing quest by opposition groups for increased political space and ongoing security concerns throughout the country.

The country analysis on Libya focuses on continuing lawlessness, violence and civil unrest, the removal of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and its aftermath, the country’s failing economy, Cyrenaica’s ongoing quest for autonomy, and concerns about Libya’s increasingly conservative legislation.

The spotlight article focuses on the election of representatives to the PSC and provides a series of tables listing the member states whose terms ended in March 2014, states contesting the 2014 elections, member states that were recently elected and the full membership complement of the PSC with effect from April 2014.

Duke Kent-Brown (Editor)

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