The use of less-lethal weapons in South African prisons and crowd management


What are the weapons used in the policing of protests and in prisons in South Africa? Focusing on less-lethal weapons (LLWs) this monograph provides an in-depth look at the weapons provided to prison warders and public order police. The monograph is based on documentary sources, press reports and interviews with DCS officials, JICS officials and others. The primary focus is on the period 2013–2018. Relevant information prior to this time period is also referred to.

About the author

David Bruce is an independent researcher on policing, crime and criminal justice. Over 2016–18 he was a member of the panel of experts appointed by the Minister of Police on the basis of the recommendations of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry. He has a Master’s degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a visiting research fellow at the Wits School of Governance.

Picture: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

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