Global trends in counter-terrorism: implications for human rights in Africa

This study explores the impact of counter-terrorism on democracy, peace, rule of law and human rights in Africa.

This monograph identifies global trends in counter-terrorism and the prevention of violent extremism and their implications for human rights and the rule of law in Africa. It flags global trends and their manifestations in and implications for the continent, identifying evolving threats, the proliferating number of actors, factual, legal and policy developments and their multi-dimensional impact. It is intended as an invitation to reflect on threats and opportunities and to think proactively about the challenges ahead.

About the author

Helen Duffy is a Professor of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights at the Grotius Centre, Leiden University, and Honorary/Visiting Professor at Glasgow, Melbourne and American Universities. She runs Human Rights in Practice, an international human rights practice. Her litigation experience spans regional and international human rights courts and bodies, including the African, European and Inter-American systems, the Economic Community of West African States court, United Nations human rights bodies and national courts. She is the author of 'The War on Terror and the Framework of International Law' (CUP 2nd ed., 2015) and other publications on counter-terrorism and international law and practice.

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