Land and reparative justice in South Sudan


Land, reparations and transitional justice are linked in South Sudan. The African Union’s 2014 inquiry saw land grabbing as among the accumulated grievances and called for land reform as part of transitional justice processes. Yet the 2018 peace agreement doesn’t address land in its transitional justice framework. This report discusses citizen’s views on the issue and recommends that land be addressed as part of the post-war reconstruction of South Sudan.

About the authors

Jame David Kolok is the current Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG) and co-author of a report on citizens’ perceptions of transitional justice processes in South Sudan. Jame has more than 13 years of experience in governance, citizen participation and transitional justice in post conflict South Sudan.

Maram Mahdi is a Research Officer in the Complex Threats in Africa programme at the ISS in Pretoria. She has a Master’s degree in Security Studies from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Allan Ngari is a Senior Researcher in the Complex Threats in Africa programme at the ISS in Pretoria. He oversees engagement on international criminal justice and works on counter- terrorism and countering violent extremism.

Photo: © UNMISS/Flickr

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