ISS Today: South Africa’s squandered
chance to show real leadership

Instead of threatening to leave the
International Criminal Court, SA
should be fighting for global justice.

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Publication: Impact of EU funding
dynamics on AMISOM

All involved in AMISOM may have to compromise
to ensure that fragile security gains are not reversed.

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Publication: Looking for a home –
mediation and the AU

How can the AU use mediation
more effectively to prevent conflict?

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Publication: Building the future –
infrastructure in Nigeria until 2040

This report explores a set of
interventions to accelerate Nigeria’s
infrastructure development until 2040.

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Publication: Cameroon’s forceful
repatriation of Nigerian refugees

Boko Haram’s incursion into Cameroon
has resulted in the forceful deporting of
Nigerian refugees, is this the best response?

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Briefing video: can new
leadership change
South Africa’s fate?

The next leader will shape the country’s
economy for at least a decade.

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Publication: How Boko Haram
specifically targets displaced people

Understanding how Boko Haram has targeted displaced
people might be key to understanding the group’s true threat.

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Online briefing: AMISOM’s
future in Somalia

How will funding concerns and widening
rifts between the mission and its
partners affect its exit strategy?

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Publication: Peace and
Security Council Report 98

This issue looks at PSC decisions
in 2017 and what to expect at the
AU summit in January 2018.

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