ISS Today: New hopes for
South Sudan’s peace process

Are new talks between Kiir and Machar
a sign that regional and global
pressure is paying off?

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Seminar: What to expect at
the AU’s Nouakchott summit

Corruption, AU reform and South Sudan
are among the main discussion
points for African leaders.

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Weekly briefing: how forecasting can
help prevent violent conflict

Understanding how multiple risk
factors will evolve in future is key.

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Seminar: Surveying
Zimbabwe’s pre-poll
electoral terrain

Against a backdrop of administrative
and intra-party chaos, this seminar
will discuss the 30 July elections.

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Publication: Shaping the future –
strategies for sustainable development in Kenya

The country must improve governance and accelerate
service delivery without sacrificing gains in other areas.

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Publication: Peace and Security
Council Report No 103

The Sahel and African Union reform
will top the 31st AU summit agenda.

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Strategies for sustainable
development in Kenya to 2040

Kenya has made gains across a
number of development objectives,
but has reached a cross-road.

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