Women in Ethiopia’s political parties: new perspectives on inclusion and diversity


Women’s participation in politics in Ethiopia needs to increase, but women are not a homogenous group with the same interests and needs. New Institute for Security Studies (ISS) research shows that a focus on gender overlooks other identity markers, such as ethnicity, age and education, that lead to the exclusion of some women while propelling others into politics.

Speakers at this workshop will consider how the experiences of female political party members in the ISS study suggest a need to adjust policy to accommodate diversity as well as gender.

This event will be held in Amharic.

Moderator: Hikmet Abdella, Deputy Chair, Ethiopian Inclusive Dialogue  


Dr Emezat H Mengesha, Independent Consultant and Researcher, Institute for Economic and Social Development Research, Ethiopia

Dr Elshaday Kifle, Assistant Professor, Addis Ababa University

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