Why South Africa needs an integrated maritime security strategy

Is the country ready to draft a strategy and what lessons are there about the process?

With its vast resources, sophisticated infrastructure and environmental sensitivities, South Africa’s maritime landscape is crucial to the country’s growth prospects. But the developmental value of the maritime sector is often neglected by government and the private sector.

Speakers at this seminar will make the case for an integrated national response to maritime security. They will assess South Africa’s readiness for such a move and lessons from other African countries on the process of formulating an integrated strategy.

This seminar is jointly hosted by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the Security Institute for Governance and Leadership in Africa (SIGLA) at Stellenbosch University.


Tim Walker, Maritime Project Leader and Senior Researcher, ISS

Emeritus Professor Francois Vreÿ, Research Coordinator, SIGLA


Dr Lisa Otto, Senior Researcher, National Research Foundation's Chair in African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, University of Johannesburg

Dr Kamal-Deen Ali, Executive Director, Center for Maritime Law and Security Africa and Senior Lecturer, University of Professional Studies, Accra

Prof Christian Bueger, Professor of International Relations, Copenhagen University

Rear Admiral David Mkhonto, Chief Director, Maritime Strategy, South African Navy

David O’Connell, Programme Officer, Western Indian Ocean Team, Global Maritime Crime Programme, UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Development partners
This seminar is funded by the Government of Norway. The ISS is also grateful for the members of the ISS Partnership Forum: the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the European Union, the Open Society Foundations and the governments of Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
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