Security and cooperation challenges in the Red Sea


The Red Sea maritime space is receiving increasing attention regionally and globally from a range of actors with divergent interests. These include littoral Red Sea states, their neighbouring countries with special interests, and world powers. Some nascent efforts to improve cooperation in the Red Sea area have also recently begun. 

This seminar will examine dynamics in the Red Sea space, drawing on a new ISS report that analyses the topic. Geopolitics, contemporary threats and current responses will be discussed along with lessons from comparative regions.

The ISS report Cooperation, challenges and security in the Red Sea will be available at the seminar.

Chair: Dr Roba D Sharamo, ISS Regional Director, Addis Ababa


Ambassador Frederic Gateretse-Ngoga, Head, Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Division, African Union

Omar S Mahmood, Senior Researcher, ISS Addis Ababa

Timothy Walker, Senior Researcher, ISS Pretoria

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