Revival or slow burn? Zimbabwe’s investment and development prospects


This roundtable will discuss the results of new ISS research on Zimbabwe’s investment climate and long-term development prospects. In the face of great uncertainty, the ISS provides evidence-based analysis to help Zimbabwe’s government, its partners, advisors and neighbours make strategic decisions about the country’s future.

The first report explores current and future trajectories across the agriculture, demographic, education, economic, infrastructure and health sectors. Several factors could set Zimbabwe on a higher growth path, but not under the existing state-centred development paradigm.

The second study assesses Zimbabwe’s economy which has teetered on the edge of collapse for nearly two decades. Despite assurances that Zimbabwe is ‘open for business’, the country’s economic problems have intensified under President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chair: Prof Brian Raftopoulos, Solidarity Peace Trust and University of the Free State


Ringisai Chikohomero, Researcher, ISS

Lily Welborn, Researcher, ISS

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