Nigeria's election spoilers? Assessing the impact of Boko Haram


Click here to download the presentation by Martin Ewi or scroll down for the video

Boko Haram’s attacks in Nigeria, which have escalated in recent weeks, raise questions about the security of the elections on 14 February. These elections are highly contested and controversial, and could be one of Nigeria’s most divisive polls since 1999. There is widespread fear that the 2015 elections will be marred by violence and terrorism, which could further destabilise Africa’s most populous country.

This seminar will explore the crisis in Nigeria, and assess Boko Haram’s threat to the security of the elections. Current national and multinational responses will also be discussed, including the proposed multinational force to combat Boko Haram. Questions relating to the drivers of radicalisation in the region will be explored.

Chair: Cheryl Frank, Head, Transnational Threats and International Crime division, ISS 


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