Mapping innovative approaches to conflict prevention in Africa


International attention on effective conflict prevention is increasing, but despite this, we still don’t know enough about how specific projects work in practice. There are also few repositories of research and best practice on conflict prevention, and knowledge sharing among those in the field is limited.

This seminar will share findings from research on innovative conflict prevention projects in six African countries. Lessons for strengthening conflict prevention at the African Union and Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms will also be discussed.

This seminar is co-hosted with the Igarapé Institute.

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Roba Sharamo, Director, ISS Addis Ababa

Adriana Abdenur, Coordinator, Peace and Security Division, Igarapé Institute

Gustavo Barros de Carvalho, Senior Researcher, Peace Operations and Peacebuilding

Priyal Singh, Researcher, Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Programme, ISS

Dawit Yohannes, Senior Researcher, Peace Operations and Peacebuilding, ISS 

Elissa Jobson, International Crisis Group, Nairobi

Tigist Yeshiwas, IPSS, University of Addis Ababa

Mohamed Shale Billow, Somalia Programme Manager, Life & Peace Institute

Francis Onditi,  Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Riara University Kenya

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