ISS 5th international conference: National and international perspectives on crime reduction and criminal justice


The ISS’s fifth annual international conference on crime reduction and criminal justice was held on 14 and 15 August 2014 in Johannesburg. Hosted by the Governance, Crime and Justice division, the conference has become a flagship event on the annual ISS calendar and attracts substantial media attention.

Researchers, academics and policy makers from across the globe met to discuss their latest work in the field of criminology and related disciplines.

Advocate Thuli Madonsela, South Africa's public protector, opened the conference with a key note address that discussed the vital importance of accountable and transparent government.

The plenary discussion that followed was convened by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and focused on violence in a society burdened by past oppression.

A new feature of this year’s crime conference is the series of 10 short video clips featuring Thuli Madonsela and other criminal justice experts discussing key issues from the event such as understanding and reducing violence, the underlying factors that contributed to the Marikana massacre, and why transparency and accountability for South Africa to solve its various challenges. These are available here.

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Keynote Address: Advocate Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector, Republic of South Africa (Click here to watch the video interview)

Escaping from the past and securing a just future

In this panel, hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and GIZ Leadership Academy, four experts drew on their collective experience and reflected on how a society such as South Africa – burdened by the persistent challenges of violence, injustice and inequality – is grappling with a colonial and oppressive past. To ignite debate on this topical issue the panelists were guided by this question: Can countries constructively deal with the past to avoid falling into old patterns of inequality and abuse in the present and in the future? 

Protest and Public Violence

Combatting Corruption

Unorthodox approaches to violence prevention

Correctional Reform

Empathic Justice

Preventing Violence

Violence prevention: Focus on Gender

The Challenges of policing South Africa

Innovations in violence and crime prevention

Responses to Crime and Violence

Victim and offender support

Terrorism and organised crime

Understanding patterns of crime

Policing and integrity

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