Is Cameroon slipping into instability?


For several years, a series of security crises have tested Cameroon’s government as never before. The Boko Haram insurgency in the north, the crisis in the English-speaking regions, the growing insecurity in the eastern region bordering the Central African Republic, and the 2018 post-electoral political tensions have gradually eroded stability. Government consistently claims to be in control but the worsening humanitarian situation attests to a national crisis that warrants attention.

This seminar will interrogate the nature and dynamics of the many crises Cameroon is facing. Speakers will assess national and international implications and propose options to help stabilise the country.

Chair: Golda K Ajode, Project Manager, Africa Peace and Security Dialogue, ISS Addis Ababa


Professor Jean-Emmanuel Pondi, Vice rector for Research, University of Yaoundé 1

Dr Paul-Simon Handy, Senior Regional Advisor, ISS

Dr Nna-Emeka Okereke, Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, Nigerian Defense College, Abuja

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