Is 4IR a threat to human security?


As the World Economic Forum on Africa is poised to debate the commercial potential of the digital age, are Africa’s defences being primed to protect against abuses of our basic democratic values? Our courts, elections and freedom of speech?

The African Union and European Council have treaties to mitigate the risks but Africa needs to take part in the bigger global conversation about policing the cybersphere and imposing limits on how big data is used.

This seminar brings together experts from law enforcement, government and industry to discuss digital threats to human security.

Welcoming remarks: Karen Allen, Senior Research Advisor, Emerging Risks in Africa

Chair: Ottilia Anna Maunganidze, Head, Special Projects, ISS


Brigadier Piet Pieterse, South African Police Service

Dr Timo Koster, Ambassador-at-large, Security Policy and Cyber, MFA Netherlands

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