ICC’s children policy: an essential response to child victims


The International Criminal Court (ICC)’s proposed policy on children is a major milestone. The issue of children in the context of ICC proceedings was prioritised in the Office of the Prosecutor’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, and the new policy will be launched at the 15th ICC Assembly of State Parties (ASP) in November.

Given the pervasive and increasing instances of crimes against children in multiple conflicts and situations before the ICC, the proposed policy could not come at a better time. However, challenges remain.

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the Government of the State of Palestine are co-hosting this side event at the upcoming ICC ASP in The Hague. The event will highlight the timeliness of this commitment, and also the practical challenges to achieving it, as well as recommendations for ensuring its effectiveness.

Chair: Dr Athaliah L Molokomme, Attorney General, Botswana


Gloria Atiba Davies, Head of the Gender and Children Unit, International Criminal Court

Khaled Quzmar, Executive Director, Defence for Children International, Palestine

Sarah Kasande Kihika, Head, International Center for Transitional Justice, Uganda

Attendance at this side event requires prior accreditation from the Secretariat of the ICC Assembly of States Parties: Phone: +31 70 799 6500, Email: [email protected] 


This event is part of a series of side events at the 2016 ICC Assembly of States Parties, other events in the series:

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