The challenges of regional integration in Africa: In the context of globalisation and the prospects for a United States of Africa


This paper seeks to explore the theme of regional integration with reference to the establishment of a ‘United States of Africa’. The paper critically assesses the validity of the proposition that integration is a desirable strategy for overcoming Africa’s deep-seated developmental challenges. For regional integration to succeed it has to be based on effective national growth and development strategies. Furthermore, there needs to be a normative convergence on the issues of democratisation and promotion of human rights. This will require a departure from the negative sovereignty, which is decidedly state-centric and obsessed with anti-imperialism, towards the exploration of more positive expressions of sovereignty that take into account the importance of non-state actors in promoting development.

About the author

Mzukisi Qobo is a Mellon post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Politics, University of Stellenbosch, and a research associate at the South African Institute for International Affairs. The author would like to thank the anonymous reviewer for the helpful comments and suggestions on the earlier draft.




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