Inside view: Police officials' perceptions of corruption and integrity management at three Gauteng SAPS stations in 2009


This paper describes and compares three case studies conducted at Gauteng police stations in 2009. It asks whether and how the Corruption and Fraud Prevention Plan of the South African Police Service (SAPS) was being implemented at these stations. It does so by comparing members’ perceptions and experiences of the manner in which corruption, fraud and integrity management manifested within SAPS stations in 2009. It also examines perceptions of police corruption, and the causal factors that may influence the prevalence or control of corruption and integrity violations. The paper then considers these findings within a framework of organisational culture and considers how such a culture contributes towards the prevention of corruption.

About the author

Andrew Faull is pursuing a DPhil in Criminology at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Criminology. He was previously a researcher and senior  researcher in the Crime and Justice Programme at the Institute for Security Studies.




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