India-Africa relations: The role of the private sector


India is becoming an increasingly important economic partner for African countries. Its ties with Africa can be traced to a strong, shared history based on the principles of South–South cooperation, people-to-people linkages and common development challenges. The third India-Africa Forum Summit, which is taking place in October 2015, will allow India–Africa ties to be strengthened further. This forum is one platform used by India in its economic diplomacy with Africa. To enhance relations in areas such as trade and investment, it is critical that the private sector is involved. This paper examines ways in which various stakeholders can enhance private-sector relations between India and Africa.

About the authors

Amanda Lucey is a senior researcher in the Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Division of the ISS. She works on the ‘Enhancing South African Post-Conflict Development and Peacebuilding Capacity in Africa’ project. Amanda worked with MONUSCO as a political affairs officer in the DRC, and has previously worked with the UNDP in South Sudan as a rule of law officer. She holds an MPhil in Justice and Transformation from the University of Cape Town.

Mark Schoeman is a development economist interested in research and analysis of economic policy in sub-Saharan Africa. His primary focus is on trade and investment policy, and its ability to contribute towards functional regional integration. Mark holds a master’s of commerce in development theory and policy from the University of the Witwatersrand, and a bachelor of commerce honours degree in economics from the University of Cape Town.

Catherine Grant Makokera is a research associate at the Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa. She served as a diplomat for New Zealand and has worked for organised business in southern Africa. She has conducted research on global economic governance, regional integration, trade and state–business relations in Africa.

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