The African Union at 20: African perspectives on progress, challenges and prospects

This book assesses the AU’s performance and proposes ways in which it can better serve Africa’s people.

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The past two decades were supposed to transform the lives of Africa’s people, with the African Union (AU) playing a crucial role. The organisation has, however, faced a myriad of challenges in fulfilling this aspiration. The AU’s 20th anniversary, thus, passed with little fanfare, compared to its launch in July 2002.

This book brings together diverse African experts to critically and independently assess the AU’s performance over the last two decades and proposes ways in which the organisation can serve the African people better.

It contributes to the growing body of literature on the AU and African integration. The book aims to stimulate conversations among practitioners and scholars on how to make the AU more effective. It provokes thinking about the way Africa conceptualises, creates, and runs its institutions.

Development partners
The ISS is grateful to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for funding this book project. ISS acknowledges the support of the members of the ISS Partnership Forum: the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the European Union, the Open Society Foundations and the governments of Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
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