Maritime cyber security: getting Africa ready


Africa’s future development objectives are anchored in well-functioning shipping and ports industries, whose cyber security is vulnerable to breaches and disruptions caused by deliberate and indiscriminate attacks. These industries are facing a number of challenges related to efficiency and effectiveness, and their continual innovation and transformation is critical if they are to serve Africa’s socio-economic needs. While cyber security is slowly becoming recognised as an important dimension of maritime security, its integration into African maritime security instruments and frameworks must be accelerated.

About the author

Denys Reva joined the Institute for Security Studies in 2016. He is a research officer working on maritime security for the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Programme in Pretoria. His areas of interest include international relations, maritime security and human security. He has a master’s degree in security studies from the University of Pretoria.

Cover image: Amelia Broodryk/ISS

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