Transitional justice and fair trials for Mali’s terrorism cases


After Mali’s 2012 military coup, terrorist organisations took advantage of the subsequent government collapse and filled the power vacuum. Despite the 2015 peace agreement, terrorist activities have continued, with attacks on all parties to the peace agreement, including former rebels with which the terrorists had briefly allied.

Some of the drivers of violent extremism in Mali are the same as those that have led to conflict in the country. This event will discuss findings from two new ISS reports on Mali, dealing with opportunities for transitional justice, and fair trials in terrorism cases.

Chair: Allan Ngari, Senior Researcher, ISS


Maître Helene Cissé, ISS Consultant, international criminal lawyer and expert on human security in the Sahel and Central Africa

Drissa Traoré, ISS Consultant, Jurist and expert on international human rights and international humanitarian law

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