Resilience and dialogue: preventing terrorism in Uganda and Kenya


How have some localities in Kenya and Uganda managed to push back against violent extremism? And can dialogue be encouraged to resolve local conflicts that might otherwise lead to radicalisation? This seminar will explore new research by the Institute for Security Studies that asked these questions.

Speakers will discuss the strengths that enable resilience to violent extremism in some communities. The role of resilience and dialogue in addressing broader security, development and governance problems will also be considered.

Chair: Allan Ngari, Senior Researcher, Complex Threats in Africa, ISS Pretoria


Romi Sigsworth, Research Consultant, Complex Threats in Africa, ISS

Dr Akinola Olojo, Senior Researcher, Lake Chad Basin, ISS Dakar

Nuwagaba Muhsin Kaduyu, Executive Director, Allied Muslim Youth Uganda

Zaina Kombo, Head, HAKI Africa-Nairobi Office, Kenya

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