Police reform is about officers not just institutions


In South Africa, crime, policing and safety are loaded terms. They are unpacked by authors Ziyanda Stuurman and Rofhiwa Maneta in their books Can We Be Safe? and A Man, A Fire, A Corpse. Stuurman interrogates the country’s fraught history of policing, courts and prisons. Maneta uses the story of his father, Captain Amos Maneta, to illustrate the psychological toll that policing exacts on police officials and their families.

Panellists will explore the meaning of police work in a society characterised by inequality, violence and precariousness. They will discuss reforms that can heal a broken police institution and the wounded individuals who make up its ranks.

Chairperson: Dr Andrew Faull, Senior Researcher, Justice and Violence Prevention, ISS


Rofhiwa Maneta, Freelance journalist and author of: A Man, A Fire, A Corpse

Ziyanda Stuurman, author of: Can We Be Safe? The Future of Policing in South Africa

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