No end in sight: Zimbabwe’s currency curse


Zimbabwe recently banned the decade-old multicurrency system and reintroduced the defunct Zimbabwe dollar. The move was intended to ameliorate the fast deteriorating economic crisis and stabilise foreign currency supply and demand in the country. Is this just a case of tinkering on the margins, or can it halt economic collapse?

The seminar will examine the core of Zimbabwe’s currency crisis, and debate the possibility of recovery for the country’s economy in the short to medium term. Speakers will consider various policy options including the role that South Africa can play in stabilising the situation.

Chair: Ringisai Chikohomero, Researcher, ISS


Dr T Mashakada, Member of Parliament and former minister of planning and investment, Zimbabwe

Dr K Jefferis, former deputy governor, Bank of Botswana

Dr N Moyo, former minister of industry and international trade, Zimbabwe and Chairperson, Mandela Institute for Development Studies

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