Maritime security could turn the tide against Cabo Delgado’s insurgents


The seizure of Mocímboa da Praia by insurgents added a maritime dimension to the already complex conflict in northern Mozambique. By controlling the port and rendering the coastline insecure, the ISIS-inspired insurgents could prevent Mozambican security forces from launching sea-borne operations to dislodge them.

The oceans are an enabler for violent extremists all along Africa’s east coast. Maritime security can’t guarantee results alone. But it can sever a lifeline that armed groups depend on and complement resolution measures on land. This seminar will debate whether the insurgents have committed costly maritime mistakes and how a Southern African response could gain the initiative on land through maritime actions. Speakers will also consider the implications of government losing control over the Cabo Delgado coastal area.

Chair: Timothy Walker, Maritime Project Leader and Senior Researcher, ISS Pretoria


Kelly Moss, African Maritime Security Researcher, Stable Seas, One Earth Future

Jasmine Opperman, Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project

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