ISS 6th international conference: National and international perspectives on crime, violence reduction and criminal justice


This premier annual event brings together researchers, academics, policy makers and practitioners with an interest in criminology and associated disciplines to discuss research findings and exchange ideas.

The networks established at these conferences have led to collaboration across the globe on crime and justice issues.

The event provides an excellent opportunity to exhibit the latest criminological and related research as well as policy initiatives from Africa and beyond.

For more information on this conference or previous conferences, contact Johan Burger: [email protected]

For information and presentations from the 5th international conference in 2014, click here

Inquiring into policing:

Access to justice and the post-2015 sustainable goals (lessons, actions & experiences)

Migration and xenophobia

Approaches to preventing crime and violence

Towards accountable policing (part 1) 

Understanding and responding to corruption

Towards accountable policing (part 2)

Comparative perspectives on crime and justice

Understanding and responding to crime and violence

Alternative approaches to conventional justice

Responses to crime & violence

Media coverage of this event:

Independent Online

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