How Africa can counter illegal trafficking of pangolins


Pangolins are among the most trafficked wildlife species in Africa and are considered the most trafficked mammal globally. The huge demand for their scales and meat largely from Southeast Asia has created a lucrative illicit market run by transnational criminal syndicates. In Africa, generic strategies being used to stop the illegal trade are falling short, not least because of policy loopholes.

This seminar launches the latest ENACT study which highlights the gaps in existing policy and strategy on combating pangolin trafficking in Africa, and how they can be filled.

Chairperson: Martin Ewi, ENACT Technical Coordinator, ISS

Welcome: Representative of the European Union Delegation to South Africa


ENACT is funded by the European Union (EU), and implemented by the ISS, INTERPOL and Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime. Speakers appear in their personal capacity and cannot be seen to represent or reflect the position of the EU.


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